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Masonic Temple Restoration Fund
The Screech Room
Spirit of Newfoundland: I
Spirit of Newfoundland: even seagulls dream
Christmas Around the World (Dinner & Show)
Opening Night : Thursday, November 15th

Stand By Your Nan (A Musical Comedy)
Celebrating 60 Years of St. Patrick's Mercy Home

ABBA: Gotta Get the Scoop!
Dinner and Show



Our show "ABBA: Gotta Get the Scoop!" is an offbeat musical review that takes you behind the melodies, and tells the untold story of ABBA in true Spirit of Newfoundland style. This comedic musical review will have you listening to Abba in a whole new way. It tells the story of genius, heart break, and bittersweet stardom. Come get the scoop!

Starring: Shelly Neville, Peter Halley, Keith Power and Janet Cull. You've GOT to get the scoop! 

Newfoundland IDOL - Idol Dies @ You!
Dinner & Show

"Idol Dies at You" stars Dana Parsons, Janet Cull, Keith Power, Andrew Williams and the Spirit of Newfoundland Band.  Written by Sheila Williams, Deborah Wells- Smith and Peter Halley, this new original Newfoundland musical comedy looks at the ups and downs of the many music competitions and shows that have often featured young aspiring Newfoundland Talent.  "Idol Dies At You"  pays homage to Canadian and American Idol, The Voice, The X Factor and more.  

Grinch, Dressing & Gravy!

Our beloved Grinch, Dressing & Gravy show comes to Holy Heart Theatre!

Visit or call their box office at 709-579-4424 for tickets.  

Dream a Little Dream of We!
A Tribute to The Mamas & The Papas

Skeets, Snobs & Peppermint Nobs!

Skeets, Snobs and Peppermint Nobs


Spirit of Newfoundland takes us back to a time when the Ryan's and Pittman's ranted and roared and Dr. Chase and cod liver oil got us through the hard, hard times. Elsewhere in the world, the twenties were roaring and the thirties were dirty. Here at home Gerald S. Doyle was creating the beloved Newfoundland song books. Now, decades later, fans around the world are clapping their hands and stomping their feet to the music of Newfoundland. 

Starring: Dana Parsons, Keith Power, Jeff Simms, Kara Noftle and the Spirit of Newfoundland band.



Dinner & Show - Ticket Prices (2018)

$72 + a $4 Building Restoration Fee + HST per person

48 Hours Notice required for cancellations

Doors Open: 6:30 p.m. *

Dinner Service: 7:00 p.m. *

Show: 8:00 p.m. *

*Contact the office to discuss pricing / cancellation for groups of 20 or more guests*

Call 709-579-3023  Toll Free 1-877-661-3023

* Unless Otherwise Noted at Time of Booking *

Where Once They Stood

Where Once They Stood!
A beautiful homage to the Blue Puttees and Newfoundland's involvement in the First World War. The story of a generation of young men and their families 100 years forward, gaining a fresh perspective and a newfound pride of what it means to be a Newfoundlander.


Call for Reservations 709-579-3023

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