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NL Showcase

THE NEWFOUNDLAND ‘N’ LABRADOR SHOWCASE is an original  55-minute comedic showcase emceed by one of Spirit of Newfoundland’s irreverant performers and featuring our talented cast and the Spirit of Newfoundland Band. It’s a  full immersion into the music and stories of Newfoundland that represent our unique culture. It’s a real Newfoundland time.
So, what’s a “time”, you ask! Well, a time is one of those experiences that leaves audiences saying things like, “The man next to me laughed so hard his teeth fell out!” Seriously. A time is an absolutely fabulous social and cultural experience. And it always features:
  • amazing food and lots of it – with an appetizer, main, and dessert – served up by our culinary team led by Chef Colleen O’Rielly
  • foot-stomping songs and music with, of course, a little bit of that traditional sound with an accordion or fiddle 
  • and that world famous Newfoundland sense of humor so often heard in our dialogue and stories 
Wanna hear more about how this “one of a kind” time will roll out for your group? 
Call us at 709.579.3023 or e-mail us at reservations@spiritofnewfoundland.com
nl showcase